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Dkim-milter is No Longer Available, How to Use OpenDKIM Instead

Filed under: *NIX — Tags: , , , , — Sezgin Bayrak @ 13:23

spam emailsWhen we implemented DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) with Postfix on FreeBSD, we had used dkim-milter plugin. However, it seems that dkim-milter has expired and recently it has been removed from the ports tree. Consequently, we’ll also move to OpenDKIM which is in fact claimed to be bug free compared to dkim-milter. Installation and configuration approach isn’t going to be much different from dkim milter at bottom, anyway we wanted to give the whole process step by step here. Let’s get to work by first updating our ports tree if it’s stale.

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“queue file size limit exceeded” warning, Postfix Message Size Limit Mystery

Postfix message sizeWhen you send an email with a large attachment which you think it complies with the size limits designated inside your postfix configuration, you’ll most probably be still getting “Dec 14 21:35:59 mail postfix/smtpd[55736]: warning: D9105A1BAD1: queue file size limit exceeded” error message inside your server maillog. If this happens, you won’t even get a notification about the failure from Postfix itself, instead you’ll notice a quick Undeliverable message from System Administrator right in your client inbox which tells “552 5.3.4 Error: message file too big“, because Postfix has never accepted your mail.

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Monitoring & Management of Postfix System on FreeBSD

Filed under: *NIX — Tags: , , — Sezgin Bayrak @ 09:30

PostfixWelcome to the final stage of our “Postfix (Virtual Setup) Dovecot SpamAssassin ClamAV Maia Roundcube (/w MySQL db) on FreeBSD” article series. Before proceeding, you may like to check out the setup list here.

The truth of the matter is that you mainly perform Postfix management tasks through PostfixAdmin web interface which we have just explained the details concerning its setup here. Those PostfixAdmin tasks actually consist of adding and editing domains, mailboxes, aliases as well as managing admin list, fetching/sending emails and backing up its sql structure.
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Configuring Apache, Installing PHP and PHP5-Extensions for Postfix Setup

Filed under: *NIX — Tags: , , , , — Sezgin Bayrak @ 22:33

PHP logoBecause the functionality of each web accesible components of “Postfix (Virtual Setup) Dovecot SpamAssassin ClamAV Maia Roundcube (/w MySQL db) on FreeBSD” article series depends on Apache, PHP5 and relevant PHP5-Extensions, we have to satisfy the specific requirements of this trio. For this reason, this article does not feature an “Apache from scratch” installation, it only deals with the certain Apache settings and PHP5 packages related to our actual topic. Please take a look at our purposed setup list here.

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Postfix Setup on FreeBSD

Filed under: *NIX — Tags: , , , , , , , , , , — Sezgin Bayrak @ 08:58

PostfixWelcome to Postfix setup stage of our “Postfix (Virtual Setup) Dovecot SpamAssassin ClamAV Maia Roundcube (/w MySQL db) on FreeBSD” article series. Before continuing, you may like to glance at the complete setup list here. This setup replaces Sendmail which is the default MTA for a standard FreeBSD installation and enables Postfix virtual mailbox delivery with autoreply support for the virtual recipients.

Navigate through the postfix ports directory in order to configure the installation and make sure that you’ve selected “PCRE”, “DOVECOT“, “TLS“, “BDB“, “MySQL“, and “VDA” in the configuration options menu.

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