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“TROUBLE in check_mail: spam_scan FAILED: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column ‘theme_id’ cannot be null at /usr/local/sbin/maiad line 3408″ Error Message Thrown by Maia Mailguard

Filed under: *NIX — Tags: , , , , — Sezgin Bayrak @ 21:32

Maia MailguardThis problem occurs if you have enabled the auto-creation of user accounts in System Configuration of Maia 1.0.3. At least we met this error message in version 1.0.3.r1575_1. It is triggered in the validation call when checking the “theme_id” while maiad is trying to create the relevant user account that received its first message. Actually the reason is just a small typo but it causes a huge trouble as the email messages are getting deferred. Worse still, reckoning the time spent in seeking a solution, it may become more depressing.

Here’s the original error message;

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Character Encoding Problem under “Name” field in PostfixAdmin 2.3.5

Filed under: *NIX — Tags: , , , , , — Sezgin Bayrak @ 01:59

PostfixBy the new release of PostfixAdmin 2.3.5, a character encoding problem appeared under “Name” column of PostfixAdmin. Naturally, this situation concerns the people who are using non-ASCII characters inside their full names. At first appearance it might be supposed to be related to UTF-8 settings of PHP or MySQL server, but no, it isn’t. Anyway, with a little investgation, you’d also notice that those full name data are correctly stored within MySQL postfix:mailbox table. So please don’t track it down somewhere else, here’s the confirmed workaround;

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Upgrading ClamAV on FreeBSD (by using portupgrade)

Filed under: *NIX — Tags: , , , , — Sezgin Bayrak @ 17:57

Spamassassin and ClamAVYes, a simple topic. However, although regularly upgrading an outdated engine is a known necessity for those systems running ClamAV as their virus scanner, there’s not much, even no clear document expressing such an easy and common task directly without getting things complicated. We wanted to touch on this subject in order to state the steps clearly. We also thought that hereby it might give a good chance to meet the popular portupgrade tool, for especially those who struggle to manage their ports and packages on production systems.

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Dkim-milter is No Longer Available, How to Use OpenDKIM Instead

Filed under: *NIX — Tags: , , , , — Sezgin Bayrak @ 13:23

spam emailsWhen we implemented DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) with Postfix on FreeBSD, we had used dkim-milter plugin. However, it seems that dkim-milter has expired and recently it has been removed from the ports tree. Consequently, we’ll also move to OpenDKIM which is in fact claimed to be bug free compared to dkim-milter. Installation and configuration approach isn’t going to be much different from dkim milter at bottom, anyway we wanted to give the whole process step by step here. Let’s get to work by first updating our ports tree if it’s stale.

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Disabling Outgoing Spam Scans In Maia Mailguard

Filed under: *NIX — Tags: , , — Sezgin Bayrak @ 20:00

Maia MailguardThere may be two leading reasons of trying to disable outgoing spam scans in a corporate email system; The risk of overwhelming the system resources and the fear of false positives. Regardless of which one is yours, doing so causes another drawback that one of your local machines can someday become the origination of spam if it is compromised by a virus or a skilled intruder. If you’re managing relatively a small, individual mail site which is strictly under your control and you truly master what enters and leaves your network, it may be an acceptable approach to gain the advantage of not worrying about the outbound email traffic. If you ask us, using the reporting and learning capabilities of your system is more feasible than simplifying things in an old school way.

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