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Postfix (Virtual Setup) Dovecot SpamAssassin ClamAV Maia Roundcube (/w MySQL db) on FreeBSD

Postfix Dovecot SpamAssassin ClamAV Maia Roundcube with MySQLMainly through the fast, easy to administer and highly secure MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) structure of Postfix, the said combination in our post subject will offer you a trouble free corporate email system for even large scaled infrastructures, if you decide to build and manage your own email server. During this step-by-step article series, I’ll be almost listing only the installation and configuration lines, rather than introducing you the each component at length in order to make things up and running as quick as possible. Meanwhile, we’ll also be dealing with the small but well-known issues regarding some of these components and providing the work-arounds when appropriate.

Certainly, queue system performance and I/O capabilities of an email system will explicitly depend on the hardware resources of a server system. For large scaled installations with mass email storage requirements, a separate server for MySQL database and a SAN solution may be mandatory. If I/O performance and extremely fast dispatching for bulk mailing will be the priority, then I/O Accelerator cards shall form the basis of the relevant server system planning. Rest is about the correct configuration approach for the software components.

Before begining, you must have both MySQL (mysql-server-5.1.x) and Apache (apache-2.x.x) installed and configured on your FreeBSD system which is a pretty simple and swift operation through the thousands of documents on the internet. However, we’ll particularly mention the installation of PHP5-Extensions further on, as plenty of specific PHP packages are needed in different sections of our setup.

Assuming that your FreeBSD system is up-to-date, we’ll settle down to work with DOVECOT first which is a secure IMAP and POP3 email server for *NIX systems and then we’ll be following the other titles one by one, in turn.

  • (1) Dovecot setup (by also fixing Roundcube Quota Display, “Disk usage: unknown” issues)
  • (2) Postfix setup
  • (3) Configuring Apache, Installing PHP and PHP5-Extensions for Postfix Setup
  • (4) Postfixadmin setup (with correct vacation settings)
  • (5) SpamAssassin-FuzzyOCR-ClamAV setup
  • (6) Maia Mailguard setup
  • (7) Adding Extra Layer of Prevention to Maia with Sanesecurity
  • (8) Roundcube webmail setup (by also fixing Vacation and Quota Warning issues)
  • (9) Sieve and ManageSieve Integration (by changing Postfix Delivery to Dovecot LDA)
  • (10) DomainKeys with Postfix Using dk-milter (SMTP-Only)
  • (11) DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) with Postfix (SMTP-Only)
  • (12) Monitoring & Management of Postfix System
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    1. Dovecot setup (by also fixing Roundcube Quota Display, “Disk usage: unknown” issues)
    2. SpamAssassin FuzzyOCR ClamAV Setup on FreeBSD
    3. Changing Postfix Delivery to Dovecot LDA for Sieve and ManageSieve (within Roundcube) Support



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