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Exclamation mark Any content, project, article or documentation that are published inside this website or in its weblogs are not warranted or guaranteed by ipsure.com or by the producer or the author of the relevant works. These contents and articles which are intended  for education, research and development are provided in order to inform readers about the concepts and methodology of products, services and/or technologies therein the documents and to share the thoughts and experiences of the author concerning these topics.

Therefore, even though they’re experimented and their healthy fuctionality are observed before publishing, it is entirely readers’ responsibility to implement these ideas and sharings in real-world environments. Also it is incumbent upon the reader to employ real-world tactics for security and performance necessities of best practices. Hereby we declare that while we will not be liable for any negative consequences or progresses that may result from wholly or partially implementing any information covered in our articles or tutorials, also we will not be the acceptor for retrieving a loss or troubleshooting and repairing the potential damages. Anyone who benefits by our documents are deemed to accept these terms and conditions.

Creative Commons LogoExcept where otherwise noted, all works in our Hands-On blog are licensed under Creative Commons license that are individually marked therein the pages of relevant works. Readers have the rights to use the work as stated clearly within the relevant license related to work.

Except where differently marked for a work, in general, works are subject to CC BY-NC-SA (= Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike) license type. Please get in touch with us by using our contact form for the authorization of objectives that shall be subject to commercial activities or advantages and contrast projects other than personal usages that are subject to monetizing.

Theme, design elements, images and coding parts of this website are exempted from above license model and all their rights are reserved.

Newsletter Policy

Newsletter CommunityAll subscribers to the newsletters are covered by our Privacy Policy. The aim of our free electronic newsletters is to keep members informed of upcoming posts, news and announcements regarding the blogs and services reside in our web site. You’ll not receive unrelated e-mails outside the scope of ipsure.com activities and contents.

Confirmed opt-in (COI) and online unsubscribe mechanisms are used to process stream of in-out membership traffic on-the-fly basis. Users may update their details, remove themselves from the mailing list databases arbitrary by directly using the online web management interfaces or by following the link provided in newsletters that points users to the same subscription management pages. If for some reason our ICT systems or subscription management components are temporarily offline, all reasonable attempts will be taken to honor the request manually within the shortest possible time.

Your personal information will not be sold, rent or given away to any third party.