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FAMP / LAMP High-Output HTTP Engine and Web Application Server Integrations

Either on FreeBSD or Linux platforms, this industry standard technology provides a popular, free of cost, open source solution stack to form general purpose web application servers. Both small and large businesses benefit from the advantages of AMP (Apache HTTP Server, MySQL Database Software and PHP | Perl | Python programming languages) integrations to run wide range of online business models such as B2B/B2C e-commerce sites, internet portals, interactive web solutions, advertising engines and other numerous web & multimedia services.

Absolute advantages that FAMP/LAMP stacks offer to their investors are;

Stability and architectural reliability of unix and unix-derived operating systems
Built-in security measures of stack members
Fast server side scripting technology and high performance database interaction
Ease of coding and deployment
Extensive complementary tools and library support
Cost-effective hosting options

We’ve a seasoned experience and proven past in building clustered AMP environments for ultra high workloads that consist of mainly dynamic content requests and intensive database transactions. Our integration understanding has never been limited by the plain installation steps but it also covers the kernel optimizations and the application spesific fine-tuning stages for the stack members.

What supplementary solutions do we ensure ?

  • Back traces and in-depth debugging for existing setups to identify and solve the problematic cases
  • Configuration of appropriate PHP5-extensions that fit your web application objectives
  • Installation of appropriate OPcode cache mechanisms / accelerators (APC, xcache, eaccelerator) that suit your application type and request/sec. intensity
  • Installation of memcached (distributed memory caching) system
  • MySQL query analysis and performance fine-tuning
  • Backup, replication and synchronization solutions
  • Percona XtraBackup hot backup integrations for MyISAM and InnoDB mixed table environments

What about Lighttpd ?

When serving mass static content or publishing ads, occasionally different approaches has to be taken to achieve deserved results in terms of speed, efficiency and content separation. As a lightweight open-source web server, Lighttpd is one of the perfect choices to take advantage of its high speed io-infrastructure to scale better on the same hardware and to make the best of those servers that suffer load problems. We offer noteworthy recipes with Lighttpd in conjunction with IO accelerator cards to satisfy ultra high performance environments. Please take time to check here to discover more.

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