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We stick by you during the following stages concerning the acquisition of the server platforms, on where your applications regarding the business models and services you’re planning to carry out within your company intranet, on your extranet or accross the internet will run;

  • Determining the appropriate specifications according to the application requirements
  • Verifying the hardware and feature set compatibilities for the considered OS and installation type
  • Assessing the advantages and potential risks for the virtualized or non-virtualized models
  • Submitting tenders or offering equivalents regarding the system components decided
  • Supplying and dispatching the base server systems, components and performance kits
  • Assembling, mounting and installing the components on site

In accordance with our strategic collaborations with HP and Dell Turkey, we can give competitive prices special to that projects featuring the systems from entry level models to telco and carrier-grade models that will meet the needs of either small and medium sized enterprises or the large establishments. Rather than just adopting a product based attitude, we always take a course of action that is intended to be solution oriented for the integrity of your projects.

Dell Power Edge 12th Generation

We deliver your systems up and running, by fulfilling the configurations of the integrated RAID arrays and link aggregations appropriate for the applications you intend, completing the installations of the virtualization environments and operating systems you prefer, establishing the interactions of your applications with sub components and environmental nodes, besides making final performance optimizations all after positioning your new server system which we setup with the following elements; Various memory configuration options and central processors at eligible socket and core numbers adequate for the project requirements, enterprise SAS and SATA/SSD drives choosen for the integrated storage (Direct Access Storage) space demands, SLC/MLC accelerator cards (IO Accelerators) for the critical applications where IO performance and speed are the primary concerns, interfaces and host bus adapters for SAN integrations where larger storage expectations are the case, and also the optional kits for redundancy and remote access issues.

More to the point, we have several more elite service options, not only concerning the procurement of the specified products and the traditional after-sales services stages but also covering the vital processes you can benefit to realize your projects that are just ideas yet;

  • Formulation of necessary IT strategies from scratch
  • Preperation of detailed infrastructure topologies including the stand-alone or clustered server systems
    by determining the complete hardware investment approaches regarding the each segments of the project
  • Providing the prroactive on-site or remote management and consultancy services following the integration
    processes and the commissioning

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