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FreeBSD Support and Consultancy

Although we provide diverse solutions over any other *NIX systems, our preferred choice is definitely hitting the road always with FreeBSD. Not only because of our extensive experience on FreeBSD but also because of invincible reliability through its mature and refined code base plus many years of steady practice.

Current Production Release: 9.0


FreeBSD is a complete, UNIX® like operating system with a well-respected heritage grounded in the roots of Unix development. It runs seamlessly on high-end multiprocessor servers and embedded computer platforms or on any desktops. FreeBSD provides advanced networking, great security features, superior performance and is used by the planet’s busiest web entities on the Internet. FreeBSD is also used as a platform for the most well-known commercial networking and security appliances on the market.


If you use one of any commercial appliances or embedded platforms sold on the market such as UTM devices, web and email appliances, routers, application switches/firewalls, access gateways in your network, it most probably means that you already draw upon FreeBSD in one way or another. Then why would you be lacking the powefull performance, security and the compatibility features of FreeBSD in your server farm too, while the other operating systems, even some of the best commercial ones don’t have these features all in one?

Reliability: FreeBSD is extremely robust. It is consistently placed at the top of the “uptime lists” by experts. There are numerous testimonials of production servers with uptimes measured in years.

Performance: FreeBSD is the system of choice for high performance network applications. FreeBSD outperforms the other systems when running on equivalent hardware. Its ability to handle heavy network traffic with high performance and rock solid reliability makes it ideal internet and intranet server platform for the enterprises in every scale.

Security: FreeBSD has been always the subject of massive auditing projects for several years. All of the critical system components have been checked and rechecked for security related errors. The entire system is truely open source so the security of the system has been verified by third parties. All security incidents and fixes pass through the FreeBSD Security Team which has a reputation for quickly addressing and resolving known security issues. FreeBSD also provides mechanisms which allow the administrators to tune the system to meet the security needs; The jail utility allows an administrator to imprison processes of the applications which don’t provide their own chroot environment.

Applications: With over 20,000 ported libraries and applications, FreeBSD is a true open system with full source code. FreeBSD uses a package management system which has clear UNIX origins and the system is truely streamlined. It provides the Ports system which fetches sources from the Internet and compiles binaries, including building and installing any dependencies in one transparent procedure. Since both the kernel and the provided utilities are under the control of the same release engineering team, there is less likelihood of library incompatibilities. Binary and source packages don’t have moods that are common in Linux distributions.


In spite of all its unique features and quality, FreeBSD is available free of charge and it comes with the full source code. In contrast to the GPL license used by the Linux kernel, the BSD license allows distribution of derived work without accompanying the source code. This makes the BSD license more attractive than the GPL and lets companies use the FreeBSD code as the base of their proprietary products.

Our FreeBSD Solutions

  • 32bit – 64bit Installations
  • Custom kernel configuration and optimizations
  • IPFilter (IPF) and pfSense firewalls
  • High Performance Web and Database Servers
  • Clustering and Load Balancing
  • NFS
  • File Server and NAS
  • Automatic backup, replication and synchronization
  • Heavy-duty Corporate Mail server (/w Postfix SMTP/SMTPS, IMAP/IMAPS/POP3, SSL – TLS, MySQL db. backend, Spamassassin, ClamAV, Maia Mailguard, DKIM + Domainkey Milters), webmail system
  • Ad Server and Advertisement management system
  • PrestaShop e-commerce engine on FreeBSD
  • Split-Brain DNS
  • Squid, Dansguardian (Transparent caching, Proxy, URL/Content Filtering)
  • Snort IDS
  • SSH/SFTP /w Public Key Authentication
  • Application Monitoring
  • Advanced bash/sh scripting

In addition to proactive support contracts, we also provide remote assistance and reactive support service options on hourly basis for your existing systems.

Besides, if you want to check out the technical resources about FreeBSD, you may visit *NIX category of our blog.

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