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Rather than being solely a commercial entity, ipsure.com is a comprehensive knowledgebase and it is specifically designed to serve as a sharing platform for especially skilled IT Professionals that are administering the highly technical environments. On the other hand, it is a showcase of our rich managed services and spectacular support options in the field of cutting edge information technologies.

The founder and the author of ipsure.com, Sezgin Bayrak was born in 1974 in Istanbul.

He graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul. He received his postgraduate MBA degree over Production Management and Marketing.

Sacrificing appreciably much time, his versatile and multidisciplinary approach to information & communication technologies maintained by his constant attention to interaction between different types of system components has leaded him to gain expriences over various branches of today’s major computer and communication systems such as Optical Interconnecting & Internetworking, unix, security, PKI, Microsoft Technologies, web and database applications, performance & optimization, FSO and so forth.

Technical & Management Expertise in a career spanning 14+ years covers particularly the overall design, commencement, constitution and management phases of ICT infrastructures for internet and application service providers, banks and e-commerce sites where high capacity, performance and security is a must. As an ultrashort glance to his achievement highlights, he took place in constitution of TEB Communications in 2000 as a network manager and participated in commencement of the largest B2C enterprise of Turkey as a chief technical person in charge in 2003, desgined and constructed other online shopping store IT facilities consecutively such as Gedikgross.com, Ekonomikticaret.com later on.

We’re still providing consultancies to key entites within different sectors.

When we grade ourselves in terms of our business perspective, we suppose that our market experiences including close relationships with industry leaders, understanding of business drivers, hands-on knowhow about online retail specific operational principles and auditing skills offer certain technical and commercial advantages concerning the business requirements and shall make contributions to the accelerated profitability while complementing current expectations of our clients rapidly.

The author of the studies focusing MS Technologies, M.Bora Teoman graduated from Middle East Technical University of Turkey with a bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering in 1999 and with a master’s degree in the same department in 2002. He was highly interested in computer technologies throughout the university time and this led his career in Information Technology market. His IT adventure started by the MCSE certificate which he earned during the university period. He had worked for several private companies and he had been part of the many IT projects during that time. Now, he is an IT expert of a large-scale public office, responsible for the messaging infrastructure. He is a believer of sharing the knowledge. Therefore, he is writing and sharing his studies at mstip.com and msipucu.com in English and Turkish as part of ipsure.com, respectively.